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Supplementary dog food

Supports healthy digestive system and liver




Characterised by inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties, the preparation protects from free radicals and prevents from liver cirrhosis (fibrosis) and steatosis formation.

Silibinin is a flavonoid belonging to the group of flavonolignans that can be found in the milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum). By sealing hepatocyte cell membranes, and therefore by hindering the permeation of toxic substances thereto, silibinin exhibits a protective effect on liver. Due to collagen synthesis inhibition, it prevents from liver cirrhosis (fibrosis) formation. Protecting from free radicals, silibinin is also characterised by inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties. 

Silibinin efectiveness is enhanced through its combination with phosphatidilocholine (lecithin). The latter one is a natural constituent of bile that due to emulsifying lipids allows for lipid hydrolysis and prevents the liver cirrhosis. Having the ability to selectively incorporate into the liver cell membranes, phosphatidilocholine enhances their resistance to the fatty acid oxidation process.

Vitamin E protects from liver fibrosis (cirrhosis) and oxidation of cell membrane phospholipids by fixing compounds which stabilize them against an extremely harmful chain reaction. 

Through maintaining the cell metallothionein on a proper level, zinc is involved in the process of organism detoxification of toxic metal ions and the immune defence reaction related to the oxidative stress.


1 piece twice a day per 30 kg of body weight The preparation is to be administered directly (tasty) or to be mixed with the dog food. In cases of heart and kidney insufficiency, it may be applied together with a dietetic dog food. Initial application period: 6 months. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before application.


Supports healthy digestive system and liver. Slimming

for which animals

For dogs.


Ingredients: Maltodextrin, dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, animal by-products (of pig origin), magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate. Analytical constituents: crude oils and fats 32.31%, crude fibre 14.16%, crude protein 10.91%, crude ash 4.86%, moisture 3.30%, magnesium 0.97%, phosphorus 0.69%, calcium 0.02%, sodium 0.24%, Additives in 1 kg: firming agents and stabilizers: E460 microcrystalline cellulose, vitamins and provitamins: 3a700 vitamin E 77 000 IU, compounds of trace elements: E6 zinc (zinc oxide) 6.41 g, antioxidants: E321 butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) 16 mg. Silibinin and Phosphatidylcholine Complex - 192 g/kg. Hepachol S 150 mg Silibinin – Phosphatidilocholine Complex 150 mg Vitamin E 60 mg Zinc (gluconate) 5 mg

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