Complementary mineral food for dogs and cats

Protects stomach and intestines



METADIAR is a natural aluminosilicate that has an adsorbing and protective effect on the digestive tract. It covers the surface of gastrointestinal mucosa and protects it against irritants. It is not absorbed from the digestive tract. It binds up toxic substances produced by the intestinal flora, preventing their absorption. It also limits the loss of water through the intestine wall.


Mix with food or water

  • cats with body weight >5 kg: 1⁄2 of level measuring cup (or level teaspoon), twice a day;

  • cats with body weight <5 kg: half of the above mentioned amount;

  • dogs: 1 level measuring cup (or level teaspoon) / 10 kg of body weight, twice a day. 1 measuring cup contains ca. 2,5g.

    Aluminosilicate contained in the complementary food hinders absorption of other orally administered ingredients, therefore they should be used at least an hour after administering METADIAR.


Protects stomach and intestines.

for which animals

For dogs and cats.


Composition: magnesium oxide, sodium chloride. Analytical constituents: crude ash 93%, crude oils and fats 0%,crude protein 0%, crude fibre 0%, calcium 0%, phosphorus 0%, sodium 1,5%, magnesium 2,1%, humidity 7,5%. Additives in 1 kg: binding, anti-caking and stabilizing agents: E558 bentonite-montmorillonite 700g, a mixture of trace elements: E1 iron (iron oxide) 250 mg

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