40 pieces


Supplementary dog and cat food - eyesight improvement

Delays lens opacification

Protects sight organs

Maintains retina functions



WYZIUM® contains taurine which supports the proper functioning of both the retina and lens.  Turmeric extract (Phytosome®) protects eyes due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthine) help maintain and improve the eyesight.  Superoxide dismutase (SOD B Extramel®) supports the natural processes that protect the sight organ.  Vitamins E, C, and oligoelements (zinc, selenium and chromium) facilitate the metabolic processes in the eye. 

Carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) are natural antioxidants.  Present in large amounts in retina and lenses, they absorb the blue light, which is the most harmful for the eyesight.  Lutein also facilitates the eyesight.


Superoxide dismutase (SOD B Extramel®) supports the natural processes of delaying the free radical synthesis. It also activates substances that hinder or delay the oxidation processes. 


Turmeric extract (Phytosome®) contains polyphenol, which protects the eyes through its multidirectional anti-inflammatory properties. Owing to anti-oxidation reactions, it also reduces the free radical synthesis. 


Vitamin C protects the cells from the harmful impact of metabolism by-products and is involved in the hormone synthesis process.  


Vitamin E is involved in the unsaturated fatty acids metabolism, preventing the organism from synthesising free radicals.


Zinc is involved in the process of vitamin A forming the light-absorbing-pigment.


Selenium is utilised for a proper enzymatic activity accompanying the elimination of toxic products being formed in the organism.


Chromium facilitates the metabolic processes in the eyes.


Dogs, cats



under 5 kg

½ of a piece

every second day

5kg to 10kg

½ of a piece

per day

11kg to 18kg

1 piece

per day

19kg to 25 kg

1½ of a pieces

per day

26kg to 35 kg

2 pieces

per day

over 36kg

2½ of pieces

per day


Protects the sight organ. Delays the lens opacification. Maintains the retina functions.

for which animals

For dogs and cats.


The low content of phosphorus, potassium and sodium allows for administrating the preparation in animals with heart or kidney insufficiency.


Taurine 150.00 mg Turmeric extract - Phytosome® 50.00 mg Vitamin C 50.00 mg Vitamin E 40.00 mg Superoxide dismutase (SOD B Extramel® 132 UI Zinc (oxide) 5.35 mg Lutein 2.15 mg Zeaxanthin 0.43 mg Selenium (selenomethionine yeast) 10.00 μg Chromium (picolinate) 5.36 μg Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, processed animal protein (from swine), brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), crude lecithin (phospholipids), products from processing of spices and seasonings - tumeric, vegetable oil and fat – palm oil, products from processing of plants- from Tagetes erecta, products and by-products from processing fresh fruits and vegetables – concentrated melon juice. Additives in 1 kg: Nutritional: Vitamins: 3a300 vitamin C 52,36 g, 3a700 vitamin E 41,88 g, 3 a370 taurine 157 g. Trace elements: 3b813 selenomethionine 10,47 mg, 3b603 zinc oxide 5,6 g. Technological: antioxidants: E321 butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) 72 mg. Analytical constituents: crude protein 22.3%, crude fiber 12.3%, crude fat 7.6%, crude ash 25.4%

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